Zhengzhou olan Garden Zhengzhou olan Garden


Project introduction Zhengzhou olan Garden

Zhengzhou Expressway · olan garden project is located in the commercial and residential logistics zone of Zhengzhou Zhengdong New District, with a planned construction area of nearly 460000 square meters. It has been put into use. Railway stations, bus stations and subways surround the area, schools, hospitals and government departments stand around, so that owners can enjoy the time and place of life. The design of the residential area is also striving for perfection. The concept of "people-oriented", advanced and fashionable planning, high standard quality, all kinds of facilities, green and environmental protection landscape, considerate property management, green space, running water, pavilions, swimming pools, tennis courts, clinics, clubs, hotels, supermarkets, large garages and other supporting facilities are available The details of the creation of extraordinary, to meet the vast number of users for the quality of modern life, living in it can truly realize the "human nature, health, harmony" concept of life. With its comprehensive strength, the high-speed · Oran garden project has successively won the "Gold Award of China's residential model building planning in 2009", "the most popular real estate in 2009", "the best ecological livable real estate in Zhengzhou in 2010", "the most popular landmark in Zhengzhou in 2010", the "Zhongzhou Cup" of high-quality project in 极速体育直播 Province, and the "ecological livable building of 2012" issued by Leju Internet And "two star green building identification certificate" issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development in 2013. At present, only the remaining parking spaces are being sold by stages with China Merchants Bank.

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Address: building 18, Oran garden, No.16, Fulu Road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, China
Tel: 0371-86121226
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